How to Bet on Totals

Betting Strategy: How to Bet on Totals

The concept
Betting on totals is simple and even if you aren’t a huge soccer fan, it is simple enough to understand. What you are betting on is the total number of total in the game. It doesn’t matter if one team scores all of the goals or if both teams get on the score sheet. If Team A defeats Team B by a score of 3 – 1, there would be four total. Similarly, if both teams tied 2-2, there would be a total of four in the game. It is important to remember that the actual outcome of the game isn’t relevant when betting on goals total bets, only the total number of goals. This helps for novices who have no idea the names, styles, and tendencies of the  individual teams.
What you will find when looking at betting on total options is that the bet will many times involve a half number. Since we all know you can’t get half a goal in soccer, all of these bets will either be won or lost. An example would be a site offering players odds of the amount of total being over/under 2.5.
If you take this bet and think that there will be more than 2.5 total in the game, you Authentic Andrew McCutchen Jersey need there to be three total goals scored in the game. It doesn’t matter which team scores the goals but there needs to be at least three total.
Examples of the outcome of this bet in  relation to certain scores are:
Team A 1 v Team B 0. With this score, only one goal has been scored and the bet is lost.
Team A 0 v Team B 2, or Team A 1 v Team B
1. With this score, two goals have been scored and the bet is lost
Team A 2 v Team B 1. With this score, three goals have been scored and the bet is won.
Any score line of 2-1 (or any greater number of goals, for that matter) for either team will win an over 2.5 bet.
This principle is the exact same, regardless of the bet that has been offered. Many bookmakers will offer odds of total over 2.5 goals or total over 3.5 goals. This style of soccer bet is popular, it can provide great returns.
Choosing your market
The most common markets for many games will be 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and even 3.5, with each market offering up more risk than the other. The general trend is that the odds generally increase the more goals you are looking to bet over. With each game it’s important to select the market that will yield the greatest amount of profit, i.e. which game will comfortably hit their game quota. Some sites offer this as an option, others will simply give one set of odds for a total, and you must simply pick the over or under on that particular set of odds.
League and game selection
Game selection is without doubt the most important part of this whole betting market. When betting on the over a certain amount of goals, you obviously want  games that are going to  be high scoring. A good way to do this is by checking for teams that are good at going forward, but have a poor defense. Remember, you don’t need the goals to be spread out between the teams; That Mexico 7-0 drubbing played just the same in the total bet as a 2-2 draw would have, if the total was 2.5!
As a by-product of this, it’s always going to be beneficial to find leagues that are relatively predictable in their scoring patterns. There are tons of sites that provide information on leagues from around the world   and how many goals per game they average.
This sort of information is exactly what we need to start narrowing our decisions down. Look for powerful, high scoring teams that have no trouble finding the back of the net. These are often the elite clubs of a league: Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Barcelona etc.
But this is what most amateur wagerers do, so bookies will almost always offer the worst odds on the   best teams. To avoid this, don’t just look at the major leagues, but rather smaller nations that will have high goals per game  ratios.
Places such as China (Super League) and Holland (Eredivisie) are two countries that notoriously have high scoring games throughout the   season and should definitely be targeted, while countries like Peru and France have generally low scoring affairs.
You’ll see this reflected in the totals’ odds and market. France will generally have odds on totals set to 2, while Japan will routinely have totals set to 3 for each game.
Once you are able to obtain the data, research the two football teams that are about to play in the  soccer game that you want to bet on.
Try to find out if those two teams have played with other before and look at the outcome, this will be very beneficial especially if they played together more than once.
You can now compare the games they played to get an average of the scores that they usually  make combined, in each game.

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