Draw No Bet – What it means

Draw No Bet is a type of betting offered by many online bookmakers, became quite popular among players and is one of the most popular betting options for special bets.

draw no bet

In simple words, it’s a bet where the draw returns your stake. If the match you have bet ends   in a draw, all your money will be returned to you. No profit, no loss.

But let’s look at an example to understand better:

Let’s say that Real Madrid is playing against Barcelona, and you think that Barcelona should Eric Dickerson Womens Jersey win. However you feel that this will be a difficult task, so a draw is possible. You can bet on Barcelona for a Draw No Bet (2 DNB).

If Barcelona win the game, your bet is  a winning one. If the game result is a draw, you’re getting back the money you’ve placed for this  bet. In case that Real Madrid won the match, you lose your  bet.

Draw No Bet Alternatives

If you want to play Draw No Bet and your bookmaker is not offering that type of bet, you can bet with an alternative way, which is exactly the same:

1. Covering the draw: Play the amount  you want on ace or double and an extra bet on the draw of the same amount divided by the odds of the draw.

Available amount: 25EUR
Match Odds: 1 (8.00) X (4.00) 2 (1.30)
Your estimated prediction: 1X

Divide your amount (25EUR) with the odds of the draw (4.00)(25:4.00=6,25EUR)
So, you should bet 6,25EUR on X, and the rest (18,75EUR) on 1.

In case of draw, you’re getting back all of your money (25EUR), exactly as would happen with Draw No Bet. If the result is 1,  you’ll get 18,75 x 8.00=150EUR.

2. Asian Handicap 0: Another alternative way to place a dnb bet if it’s not available from your bookie, is by selecting an Asian Handicap  (AH 0) bet ?n the team you think has the best chances to win.

DNB Odds

Admittedly, the odds that bookmakers offer on Draw no bet kind of bets are slightly lower, but this is reasonable. Odds are calculated in a mathematically way that allow bookmakers to hold some profit from the money you bet on X for cover.

In a match with odds 2.40 – 4.00 – 2.40, dnb odds would be like 1.80 – Stake returned – 1.80.

Bookmakers that offer Draw no Bet more often are Bet365, William Hill and Pinnacle.

Below you can see a comparison of the odds provided by these bookmakers on a particular football match.

dnb odds


Draw no bet is a good way for punters to protect themselves, especially for those who have patience and want a safer kind of bet. Many matches  ending in a draw, aren’t they?